The problem we tackle

Building a startup isn't always
Hugs and high fives

Staying innovative can be as difficult as transferring innovation into real products. In rapidly changing markets it has become crucial to think more agilely and innovate faster than ever before. The bigger and busier a company gets, the harder it is to keep moving fast and attract the right talents to discover new business models and market opportunities. That's why we've started hatchery.

Our solution

Combining everything needed
to get from idea to product

hatchery Startup Taskforce


We’ve built a great team of designers, web developers, marketers, business developers and project managers to ensure that we can meet any challenge. Our taskforce is made to build your digital product and execute agile, fast and focused.

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hatchery Startup Skills


We combine agile and lean methods with a diverse set of skills. From logos and brand strategies to web applications and marketing strategies. Our network of advisors and partners enriches our skill set with specific industry know-how.

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hatchery Startup Expertise

Startup Expertise

Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked with over 40 startups, have built several startups by ourselves and sold one. With more than 30 years of combined startup experience we not only talk and think like startups, we are a startup by ourselves.

Why we know what we do

How it works

Our three step process hatching ideas
and building amazing products

Understanding the Problem

We start our projects by identifying the pain points of the customer and understanding the circumstances of our clients' current situation. To ensure an agile and flexible project realization, we put our clients' customers in the middle of our thinking. We work side-by-side with our clients, creating actionable strategies to pave the way for scalable growth.


  • Business Modell Canvas
  • Market Analysis
  • MVP Concept

Building a solution

We create minimum viable products to validate ideas as soon as possible. With our taskforce we are able to take first ideas and concepts, from napkin sketches to real products in maximum speed. This allows our clients to quickly adapt or pivot ideas to the market and helps to make the right decisions.


  • Branding and Core Message
  • Landingpages/Website
  • Minimum Viable Products
  • Marketing and KPI Setup

Building a sustainable business

We measure all impacts of actions taken to iterate and optimize the best channels. We’ll push the idea from a first concept to a sustainable business. Focused on finding product-market-fit we’ll deliver running businesses in the hands of our clients.


  • Product-Market Proof
  • Mature business concept
  • Sustainable growth modell

Our skillset

All the things you need
To move and grow fast

User Experience

  • User Interfaces
  • Responsive Webdesign
  • Mobile App Design

Brand Identity

  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity & Logo Design

Online Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy
  • SEO & SEA
  • Social Media Marketing

Business Strategy

  • Business Model Canvases
  • Resource Planning
  • Values Definition

Product Strategy

  • Process Development
  • Operational Management
  • Product Roadmap


  • Frontend Development
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • CMS Development

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