The briefing

Making a website convert

Over the past few years, smart home devices have grown from "nice to have" gadgets to fullgrown systems, changing our everyday lifes. Founded in 2013, alphaEOS wanted to make things even smarter. With sensors, algorithms and a app on your phone alphaEOS knows automatically when it is the right time to do the right thing - like turning off the heat. We were asked to help alphaEOS to tell their story online and partnered with them to follow their vison - making our homes and lives smarter.

Our approach

Give the user what he wants

Compelling Storyline

As a complex system that requires lots of explanation, a compelling storyline is important for the users experience.

Clear information

It is easy to get lost in to much information. We tried to remove all unnecessary information and answer the users questions at the right time.

Call to action

Our main goal on the website was to guide the user to a clear call to action - the configuarator.

The Result

A clean website that generates leads

As a result, we have build a new website from ground up with better conversion results. Together with the team of alphaEOS, we were able to make fast itterative steps to optimize the user experience in a few weeks.

alphaEOS Website

Our Learnings

First things first

To be fast you need to prioritise first. We could have spend months on building large landingpages with fancy animations. But to see results we knew we had to be fast and work on the biggest chunks first. This approach not only provided us from wasting to much time on stuff that doesn't matter. It helped us to understand where the real paint points are and how we could solve them sustainable.

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