Our mission

Creating the perfect conditions
to build outstanding companies

Everything we do, we do to support the perfect conditions to build companies that not only act for profit but more importantly, tackle real world problems. We want to create the best possible conditions to build businesses that not only provide a way to make a living, but to change the way we live.

hatchery - how we hatch

This is how we hatch

Our idea of pure startup culture is
a state of mind that leads to what we call "to hatch"

It is the flow we get into when creating new ideas and building companies. A flow that results in a combination of pure creativity and productivity, forgetting everything else around you, focused on one common goal.

hatchery Value Power


Building successful businesses and changing the world doesn’t just happen. We believe in hard work and pushing ourselves to the limits of what we think is possible.

hatchery Value Honesty


We believe in keeping it real! It's the key to strong relationships which allows us to accomplish the impossible - with our customers, partners and employees.

hatchery Value Honesty


It ain’t about earning the Benjamins. It’s about the passion and love that we put into every detail and every piece of work we create - for ourselves and for others.

Who we are

We are a team of founders with more than over 30 years of startup & management experience

hatchery Team-Member Merlin Stellwag

Merlin Stellwag


Merlin is Co-Founder of earlybird coffee and passionate entrepreneur. He is a specialist in developing new ideas and market opportunities.

hatchery CDO Alex Kholti

Alex Kholti

CDO & Co-Founder

Alex is the creative mind behind hatchery. He helps our customers to transform cool ideas into outstanding brands and products loaded with passion.

hatchery CTO Manuel Wenner

Manuel Wenner


Manuel is the CTO of hatchery. He has a year long experience in building applications and leading development teams.

hatchery Team-Member Emanuel Vonarx

Emanuel Vonarx

Business Development

Emanuel is former management consultant and experienced enterpreneur who is all into business development and Chief Culture Officer.

hatchery Team-Member Julian Stoll

Julian Stoll


Our second Julian creates dashing designs with a purpose.

hatchery CEO Yannick Frank

Yannick Frank

CEO & Co-Founder

Yannick’s passion for entrepreneurship began at a young age and has developed and honed over the last years. He is the business intelligence mastermind at hatchery and can make the impossible possible.

hatchery Team-Member Laura Körner

Laura Körner

Project Management

Laura is the master of organizing. She ensures smooth operations and all requests from the team and our customers.

hatchery Team-Member Jerrit Peinelt

Jerrit Peinelt


Jerrit is a wonderful designer with big ideas and absolute talent for communication.

hatchery Team-Member Steffi Mächtle

Steffi Mächtle

UI & UX Designer

As talented interface designer and awesome creative thinker, Steffi joined the hatchery taskforce to transform ideas into UX.

hatchery Team-Member Billion Gebrgzi

Billion Gebregzi

Super Saiyan Art Director

Billy is an awesome creative thinker and a master in graphic design. He can turn any good idea into great design.

hatchery Team-Member Christoph Muth

Christoph Muth

Web Developer

Our freshly graduated Web Dev expert turns every website into a spectacular space.

hatchery Team-Member Manuel Hermann

Manuel Hermann

Traction Expert

Manu supports our team traction and ensures the perfect grip for channel takeoff.

hatchery Team-Member Kevin Rothweiler

Kevin Rothweiler

UI/UX Designer

Kevin creates explicit and exact projects. Our Mr. Precise has a knack for exact statements.

hatchery Team-Member Adrian

Adrian Fahrbach

design & dev rockstar

We are very proud of Adrian, our first "hybrid-hatcherianer". With his knowledge in Game Art & 3D Animation he not only supports our UI/UX designers but also rocks the frontend development front.

hatchery Team-Member Jenny

Jennifer Langton


As a student worker, Jenny helps out our team with new ideas and considerate design.

hatchery Team-Member Luisa Fröhlich

Luisa Fröhlich

Intern Development

As a mobile media student, Luisa is spending her practical semester with us and supports our dev team.

hatchery Team-Member Tim

Tim Schmidbauer

Marketing Specialist

Our traction king gets all the channels running hot.

hatchery Team-Member Anna Moretto

Anna Moretto

Marketing Expert

Anna is our open hearted marketing specialist and has mind blowing communication skills with our partners.

hatchery Team-Member Ruben Mostad

Ruben Mostad

Apprentice Design

The wonderful and talented Ruben started as our first design apprentice in our hatchery halls.

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